Program Your Weight Off – One Number at a Time

May 11, 2016

Some say weight is nothing but a number. Not true! However, what you eat is always a number. When a person eats he or she hardly ever sees the numbers that are behind those amazingly hot, freshly fried, French fries, or that cheesy pizza or that dreamy, creamy Boston cream pie.

But, unfortunately, everything we eat has a hidden number connected to it. That hidden number becomes quite visible in all the wrong places like our hips, thighs and of course, the jiggly wiggly belly.
If you are sick of letting the numbers find you, before you have a chance to fight them off, My Fitness Pal can help you out. My Fitness Pal cannot just help you find some of the numbers behind your foods, but it can also help find all of the number for every item you decide to digest.

Once you associate the numbers that connect to the foods you eat, the numbers will eventually stay connected to the foods you don’t eat, instead of connecting to you. Which in turn, will keep those numbers, which equal pounds, off your body.

The first part of the My Fitness Pal process, is to create a personal profile that includes your starting weight and your goal weight. The system will then calculate the number of calories you will need to intake in order to lose your desired amount of weight. The max calculation is based on losing two pounds per week (the healthy way).

Your biggest responsibility is to log-in daily and enter everything you eat or drink, and any exercise you complete.

With My Fitness Pal, logging foods is so easy. You can log in the foods you eat online or on the mobile app that is accessible by Android ( or iPhone (

What is so incredible is all of the ways one can log food. By just knowing the name of a food item, the nutritional information is found in the database, or you can scan a barcode from any item into the app.
Other options include being able to create and save recipes, as well as search through any day for a food or meal that was recorded on a previous day and copy it to a different day. After being on the program for four months, a meal usually takes me 30 seconds to one minute to log. It appears that My Fitness Pal has been able to obtain every food known to the FDA.

I frequently buy canned and frozen vegetarian food items from a Chinese grocery store. Most of the writing is in Chinese. Only the bare minimum ingredients are written in English. I would not have expected these items to be in the My Fitness Pal database, yet they were all there.
Recently, I read on the company website that the database now includes more than 500,000 restaurant menus (Myfitnesspal, ). So, don’t be surprised if you search for your local Joe’s Diner and find the food data available.

As food is logged, the database calculates the total number of calories, fat, carbohydrates, proteins, sodium and sugar that has been taken in and then shows how much you have left for that day. Doing this daily has helped me lose 40 pounds in just 4 months. I am right on target.

Having a support team can also be very beneficial. I know I love my support team. With My Fitness Pal you can create your own social network circle. You won’t see someone’s private information like weight, but you will see, “Je T’aime lost 3 lbs. today and she has logged in for 100 days in a row!”

This can be extremely motivational, especially if this person is close to your heart. There is nothing like being able to root your friends on, brag a bit about yourself, and help pick someone up who may need a pep talk when they are falling to the wayside.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention all of the great recipes that are on the site. Some are from the My Fitness Pal team and others are from members who want to share great recipes. You will also find great articles on the site like “How Often Should You Weigh Yourself” and “The Problem with Cheat Days.” There is also an entire community that has clubs that one can join based on their interests.

A program like this could easily cost $20 – $40 per month. But not My Fitness Pal! You get all of this detail, all of this accessibility and all of these connections for FREE. As I always say, “Free is for me!”

If you are tired of those heavy pounds weighing you down, if you want to see yourself (or me) in a two-piece bathing suit this summer, if you want to feel more agile and flexible, if you want a new wardrobe because you are sick of wearing the same old clothes that make you look like a burlap bag, then join the My Fitness Pal team.

I am personally looking for a group of people who want to join this “Lose the Numbers, Lose the Fat and Get on the Healthy Track Team” with me. If that’s you, you can join me too. Become one of my circle of friends at “ILOVEU4U” and submit your friend request. Let’s change our lives, one number at a time and let’s let My Fitness Pal do most of the work and calculations for us.