AI and Sex?

OK… First of all, I don’t usually have any “sexual” content on my page. However, I found this and knew I wanted to post it.

This information is really interesting to me since a lot of information from my Strategic Communication degree revolves around technology. A lot of that information revolves around social media and human robots.

I definitely have my own views about this and I may offer these views at a later time, However, for now, I am just posting this to see what reactions I receive. If you would like to respond, please find me on one of my social media platforms and inbox me your thougts:

4 thoughts on “AI and Sex?

  1. We are living in a world of easier access for our desires. As it seems to be with many things related to our personal lives in the 21st Century, Sex is also being affected by technology. Although the creators who build artificial creations for sexual pleasure say that it will be an alternative and not a replacement, one cannot help but think this will eventually happen. Current younger generations, such as the Millennials, already associate most of their personal lives in social media with very little human interaction. I mean, some fast food places are flirting with the idea of robotic front counters. Grocery stores have self checkouts for years. “Why would I need to go through the hassle of getting instant gratification with human interference, if I can get it faster by pressing a button on this device?” With that kind of thinking, plus the fear of rejection no longer looming, it would be inevitable for AI to act as a option and not as a substitute for Sex.

    • Thank you for your response Deon. You make some very valid points. I will wait for some other hopeful responders before I post back. Thank you!!!

  2. Well, they have been working with robotics for years when it comes to sex. I remember seeing “Real Sex” on HBO at either 16 or 17 when the full body silicone sex doll was created. Back in those days, I was a little too curious for my own good but continuing on. Recalling the features of that doll to present is quite remarkable. Yet at the same time, a little troubling. I hope that when my children becomes of age, dating is still the norm. It’s bad enough chivalry is a rare commodity among men. Now you have Ken who can truly live up to your expectations in every way but financial and of course the obvious physical limitation of leaving the house. From what I gathered in conversation with my girlfriends, the dating game is a joke. Based on the responses, I feel blessed to be a kept woman. These AI robots could truly change the game. But I can’t help but to wonder, where’s the happiness in that?? Yes, it’s easy to say the millennials want things NOW however i hope they take the time to stop just for a moment and envision the bigger picture. Sure, the robot will be in tune to your needs sexually, physically and “emotionally” but it will never resonate with you truthfully There’s a deeper connection beyond sex. And that connection is classified in different ways depending on your personal beliefs. Myself, I believe in spiritual connections. Despite all the programming and evolution in technology, artificial intelligence, you can’t program a soulmate. It will always be one sided. The person owning the robot will feel like they’re in love but it will never truly be reciprocated. Sex eventually fades. Where’s the companionship beyond that??

    • Thank you so much for your response Je T’aime (the other me)!!! LOL. I am waiting for more responses before I say anything, but great VALID points and ideas.

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