The Master’s Walk – Walk the Walk – Talk the Talk

Choosing whether to get your Master’s degree is a huge decision. I didn’t say big, I said huge! Most Master’s degree programs take 1 ½ – 2 years to complete. If you are someone who has busy summer travels, it may take 2 ½ years, like it is taking me. I have to take summer’s off for traveling to different entertainment festivals and for opportunities to advance in that area of my career.

The first thing to decide is:
Why do I want to do this? Now, the “why” only matters to you. Whatever your “why” is, it must be big…. I mean really big! Because your “why” is the only thing that is going to get you through the times that might seem like the hardest times of your life. I say this because if you, like me, have any other goals and ambitions, they will all have to be put to the side and put on hold for the time that you are in school. If you work a full-time job, your day is gone after work and school assignments.

Another consideration is deciding:
Is it best to go online or in-person? I knew that attending classes in-person was a better way for me, but it just wasn’t possible. I knew the kind of program I wanted and was lead to the perfect school – Regent University. However, there just wasn’t any doors opening when I tried, several times, to get a job and move to Virginia Beach. Therefore, I had to do it online. Attending classes online is much harder than being there physically in person. Professors give out much more work to online students. For online students, there is more reading, a ton of requirements to respond to other students, and all of that takes a lot of extra time. So, all of the travel time as an in-person student to and from school is calculated into your homework assignments and then tripled from there.

Finally, once you are in it –
You are in it to win it! You have already invested too much time and too much money! (Post Graduate school is EXPENSIVE!) The loans add up quickly and paying them back is another decision to make. Either you will have to start paying back or keep on to another Master’s or Doctoral degree. They can’t ask you to pay back loans if you are in school at least half-time with 6 or more credits per semester.

So, the choice is yours. I hope and pray this information helps you make the best decision. I will be using my degree to teach. Hopefully become a professor in the role of Communications. I love to teach, give back and grow. I can also work as a professor and maintain my life as an actress. The two go hand in hand.

Now, I CANNOT WAIT to take that WALK… To go down that pathway, get prayed over for all of my future endeavors… for them to take my tassel and move it from the right side to the left side, and to hear the Lord say, “Good job my faithful servant!”

So… That’s my “Why”… What’s Yours???